Our Mission


We support both the United States of America and State of Alaska Constitutions.

Educate voters in Alaska about current legislation that affects our Rights.

Audit and hold accountable our elected officials so we are represented in good faith.

Support safe and responsible gun ownership in Alaska

Support business rights and private property rights of Alaska

Open channels of communication with organizations and businesses statewide that support our rights as citizens.

How to Get Involved

Frequently asked questions

What is 907Freedom?

We are a group of concerned Patriots who are tired of the status quo. We see corruption, we see our rights trampled, we see incredible fiscal waste, and we see very little representation by our elected officals.

Do we have a political party?

No, we believe in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights as Supreme Governing standards. We are also very firm in our beliefs that this nation is a Constitutional Republic and States rights shall not be dictated by Federal overreach. It doesn't matter if you are a Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, or other. We believe as long as the inalienable righs set forth in those documents are procted we will be a nation of citizens allowed to pursue life, liberty, happiness, and safety.

How do we take action?

We disseminate information through auditing and holding our elected officials accountable so we receive good faith representation for our votes. We organize Citizens and their causes on a community, State, and National platform so that our voices are heard. Whether it be with Rally's, active protest, voter registration, voter turnout, calling elected officials, or promoting candidates who stand for the Constitution.

Do we take donations?

We do not actively solicit donations. We are however a voluntary organization and a lot of our causes do cost money. We ask those who are compelled to donate please do so freely there is a link on our home page for donations. We also do events, raffles and fund-raisers to help fund our efforts.

How do I volunteer?

We welcome anyone who would like to volunteer with 907Freedom, and we appreciate their time or talents that they wish to bring into the organization. To volunteer please send an email outlining how you would like to contribute to info@907freedom.org. Examples include petition monitoring, calling elected officials, canvassing voter base, taking and making calls for future Rally's, passing out news and information of upcoming actions.